There is no month without bills, but there can be without worries! Have the comfort of knowing you can always pay them.

No one loves paying bills. No matter what you do, you cannot run away from them. Therefore, get used to your bills and most of all be prepared to face them even in times that find you in need. Get the Bill Protection, an insurance for paying utility invoices, attached to the current account where your salary is paid. If you choose this product, you will benefit from financial protection in some unpredictable situations.

With Bill Protection Insurance you can get so many benefits

  • With the insurance policy you get financial coverage for a period of maximum 6 months per event and maximum 18 months for the entire insurance period, in case of involuntary unemployment or temporary disability
  • You receive a fixed amount ranging between 1,800 and 3,600 RON in case of total and permanent disability
  • Based on your net income, you can benefit from the insurance allowance according to contractual terms

It’s super easy to get it

Visit one of the Garanti Bank agencies and our advisors will help you with information regarding this product and its mechanism.