With Mobile ME you have everything at your fingertips! Download it now!

You could say it’s bad luck when the electricity invoice due date is in the same period with your holiday abroad. If a friend is asking for your help and wants you to transfer him an amount of money exactly when you are on a trip into the mountains, you could say it’s his bad luck. But with Mobile ME all the bad luck turns into lucky situations simply by using your smartphone.

Download the Mobile ME on your smartphone and you will resolve all your payment problems anytime, anywhere, with 0 costs and no subscription needed. Plus, there is no need for forms to fill in. You just download the app from the App Store or Google Play, log in with the Garanti Online credentials and you start using it.

With Mobile ME you can get so many benefits

  • Real-time information on the balance of your accounts is available to you
  • You have information about your transactions
  • Information about your Bonus Card is at hand when needed
  • You can make transfers from your Garanti accounts to other accounts
  • You can pay for your bills or you can recharge your mobile prepay credit
  • Your monthly Bonus Card debt can be paid easily
  • You can perform currency exchange
  • Pay for your regular bills

    Tennis, jogging, watching your favorite TV show, learning a new language, reading a book or just enjoy doing nothing. These are things you can do with the time you waste by running from a counter to another to pay your regular bills. Appreciate more of your free time and start using Mobile ME. All your bills can be paid with the app’s help directly from your current account or from your Bonus Card, depending on the supplier.


    All you have to do is choose "Direct Debit" from "Utility Payments" sub-menu and select the provider with whom you want to conclude a new electronic mandate. Thus, Garanti Bank will withdraw from your account each month, at the due date, an amount equal to the invoice value and will automatically transfer it to the respective provider’s account.

    The payments can be made from your current account or from your Bonus Card limit, depending on the settings previously made. You can easily manage your Direct Debits, either by changing their features (maximum amount, current account or Bonus Card from which to debit the money) or by cancelling them whenever you want.

    If you want to keep track of each of your monthly payments, you may choose another option from "Utility Payments" sub-menu, called "Invoice Payment", where you have to insert only your phone number or subscriber code, in order for the payment to be made instantly.

    Domestic and foreign currency transfers

    In our times, the super heroes are the ones that succeed resolving all their problems straight away, super fast, while saving time. What is their super power? Mobile ME, a tool that helps them use their bank accounts on their way to work, on holidays at the mountains, seaside or in any other place in the world where you can use your smartphone. Download the app and:

    • You can make transfers from your current account in Lei to any other account
    • You can also transfer money from your foreign currency account to another foreign currency account in Garanti
    • You can use the “Frequent payments” option to perform much faster any recurrent payment
    • You can exchange money from foreign currency to Lei or from Lei to foreign currency.

    No credit on your mobile phone? Sounds crazy but your mobile phone is the one that can help you solve the problem. How? With Mobile ME. Download it and only by connecting to a WiFi you will recharge your credit directly from your smartphone, wherever you will be.


    • Select „Mobile Top-Up” option from „Payments” menu
    • Select the provider (Vodafone, Orange, Telekom), insert the mobile phone number, as well as the recharge value (minimum 4 EUR)

    The recharge value may be withdrawn from your current account or from your Bonus Card limit.

    Bonus Card

    Are you the owner of a Bonus Card? Try to know it better and it will become your best friend when it comes to shopping. All you need to do is to download Mobile ME and this will help you keep in touch with all you need to know about the Bonus Card.

    Start using Mobile ME and you will be up to date with:

    • Your Bonus Card statement
    • Debt Payment
    • Cash Advance
    • Transactions
    • Blocked Amounts
    Transaction limits Mobile ME
    Operation type Maximum per transaction Daily Maximum Limit Minimum per transaction
    Internal payments in Lei 100.000 Lei 100.000 Lei 1 Leu
    Payments to other banks in Lei 100.000 Lei 100.000 Lei 1 Leu
    Foreign Exchange 100.000 Lei 100.000 Lei 1 Leu


    Deadlines for receiving the payment instructions by Mobile ME

    Operation type Deadlines for receiving the payment instructions by Mobile ME
    Low value payments in Lei to other banks (under 50.000 Lei) 9:00-13:45
    High value payments in Lei to other banks (over 50.000 Lei) 9:00-15:45
    Urgent payments in Lei to other banks (any amounts) 9:00-15:45
    Internal payments Non stop


    1. Instructions sent by the client on the same day, but after above mentioned time limits, will be considered received by the Bank the next working day.

    2. Maximum execution terms of the instructions received by the Bank are for payments in RON: T+1;

    Where: T- time when Bank accepts the payment instruction

    T+3, T+2, T+1 – period expressed in working days from the payment instruction acceptance date till the moment the beneficiary’s bank account is credited.